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Building and scaling a sustainable and relevant brand is hard work. The fastest way to reach your goals is to work with someone that has been exactly where you are, deep in the trenches and rabbit holes. 

Are you passionate about your purpose, have an unbreakable entrepreneurial spirit and want to
make an impact? 


I know it's hard because I've been in your shoes.

I spent 20+ years in retail and product management roles at fortune 100 companies, including Nike, GAP, Converse and one of the fastest-growing online retail startups.

I've experienced first-hand the daunting and overwhelming challenges of creating and scaling a business from scratch.

Through it all, I paid close attention to the differences between the few who rose to stardom and the may that crashed and burned.

take it from me...

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. When stepping into the role of entrepreneur, there are some fundamental mindset shifts that must occur in order to create and maintain forward momentum while keeping sane.

Starting a brand is a capital-intensive business, and it's likely more than you think. You must create a realistic business plan and budget from the beginning to adequately fund, build and scale your brand.

Too often, brands haven't completed proper market research. They want to serve as many people as possible without differentiation. In today's crowded market, it's critical to be obsessed with your ideal consumer and develop a unique offering or point of view that sets you apart from your competitors.

There aren't enough hours in the day to build a brand by yourself. Surrounding yourself with people who understand the business of fashion and all the unique challenges around it is crucial to the success of a fashion startup. 

After decades in High Tech, Retail & Fashion and Online Service industries, I wanted to create a better way for brand founders to create, launch and thrive.

What I've learned...

So I took everything I had learned, from corporate best practices, startup trial and errors, and my extensive retail and product management experience, and started MODHOUSE.

How can we work together? 

90 minute intensive

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Let me remove the guesswork and help you to define the next steps you need to take to solve any roadblock that’s been holding you or your business back.

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The fastest way to reach your goals is to work with an expert that has been exactly where you are, deep in the trenches and rabbit holes.

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The Fearless Founder is an all-inclusive 12-month immersive program taking your idea from a dream to an already-in-production product brand.

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Brand Camp

Two week coaching courses that give you a signature step-by-step blueprint for your unique brand. 

Choose the course you need the most or combine for a fully immersive brand-building experience.

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 Education & Coaching for Fashion Founders

I'm ready,
Let's do this!

Over the past 7 years, I've helped 50+ new and established founders build and scale their 6 + 7-figure fashion brands using the signature MODHOUSE Method. 

I know it's possible for you because I've done it, my clients did it, and so can you!

What clients are saying

MODHOUSE will take you from daydreaming about your empire -
to building the brand of your dreams and thriving in your role as a founder.

I'm so ready!

Partnering with MODHOUSE will allow you to recoup your
 investment in the following ways:

The Best Part?

Mitigation of common risks and mistakes that would cost you time & money.

Our clients average 50% faster to market from idea to production.

Our clients average a 70% or higher Gross Profit Margin.

Getting your time back to focus on other critical areas of your business or life = PRICELESS

Lower Risk:

Time to Market:

Higher Profit Margins:

Your Precious Time:

Mindset is everything!
We will develop and a positive success-driven mindset to ensure you are confident, intentional, and highly effective as an entrepreneur. 





The business of fashion requires a strong foundation.
We will leverage a well-defined business blueprint, templates and resources to get your brand up and running and increase your chance of success. 

What is the MODHOUSE Method?

Crafting the perfect products are critical to your success.
We will develop and produce unique, innovative products that meet the needs of your consumer and embody your brand vision.





You must have key strategies in place to build and scale a profitable business.
We will leverage custom templates and resources to create detailed strategies around your brand, consumer, product and sales. 

Never feel like you are on you own again
You will have access to me for private and group coaching and a community of other like-minded founders to network and collaborate. 




We've developed a signature blueprint to launch fashion brands that thrive.

If you were ready, like yesterday, to build and scale your empire -
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“Shannon more than exceeded my expectations…I truly feel confident, knowledgeable, and self-sufficient…”

“Before I met with Shannon, I was just trying to figure out how to lay the groundwork for my company. Not only was this my first business, but my business was totally unrelated to my professional field. I felt overwhelmed and lost. I was having a difficult time finding the right information on how to get my business started.

During my time with Shannon, she not only taught me the entire product development cycle, but she helped me set up my business from scratch and provided me with all the necessary connections I needed. Her guidance and knowledge were truly invaluable.

Shannon more than exceeded my expectations. Not only did we meet all my business goals during my time with her, but she provided me with additional resources and steps to move forward. I truly feel confident, knowledgeable, and self-sufficient after my coaching with her; and because of this I plan to continue working with her!”