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“Shannon helped me to reconnect with why I started my business in the first place, able to see the bigger picture and how to get myself there....

 "My business had become completely stagnant and dead in the water during the pandemic. More than anything I just wanted to get started again but didn’t know how. I had no confidence in the things I had already done since I have never started a business before and didn’t know how. 

After our first session together, Shannon's excitement and energy were contagious, and the perspective she had on my business idea helped reconnect me with my own excitement. She helped me reconnect with why I started my business in the first place, able to see the bigger picture, and get my excitement back as I focused more on my north star..

Having a partner to work with you through the process is incredibly helpful. Shannon didn’t just tell me how everything should be done, but helped me realize what it is that I really wanted to do, and how to get myself there. My brand and my business feel more authentic and consistent with who I am". 

Janine Millam

 My Why & Meaningful Purpose Course 

Expert one-on-one coaching courses that give you a signature step-by-step blueprint for your unique brand. 

Choose the course you need the most or combine for a fully immersive brand-building experience.

Each 2-week course is custom tailored based to the unique needs of your brand...because let's face it, being different in a world of cookie-cutter brands is critical to your success. 

$497 per course

Payment plan available

To be confident, intentional, and highly effective, you have to develop a positive mindset and balance that with the success mindset.

The Positive Mindset
We will work through any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, develop positive daily habits + rituals that keep you confident and motivated.
This positive mindset framework will ensure you feel confident in your abilities and know you are intentionally creating the life you are worthy of.

The Success Mindset
This framework will ensure you have an unwavering commitment to creating and sustaining the momentum you need to keep forward progress at all times. 

Tapping into both mindsets creates forward momentum that becomes empowering and unstoppable and gives you the balance you need as a founder.

yes, I so need this! 

In this 2-week one-on-one coaching course, we will develop and cultivate the mindset of a Fearless Founder.  

The Fearless Founder Mindset

The first step of building a brand is to define and understand your "why". Consumers don’t buy from you because of what you have, but "why" you do it.

I will guide you through a 3-step process to uncover the calling that motivates you, the impact you want to have, and the values that shape how to achieve it.

When you build a brand that aligns with your true passion, you are tapped into an endless stream of creativity, motivation, and inspiration that helps propel you forward, especially when things get tough.

i'm ready to
uncover my purpose!

In this 2-week one-on-one coaching course, we will uncover your "why" and greater purpse.

MyWhy &
Meaningful Purpose

Too often, brands haven't done proper market research. They want to serve as many people as possible without differentiation.

In today's crowded market, it's critical to be obsessed with your ideal consumer and develop a unique offering or point of view that sets you apart from your competitors.

You'll walk away knowing exactly who your ideal consumer is and create a unique offer that is so irresistible; you will effortlessly attract and serve your ideal consumers.

Yup, I need help
with this!

In this 2-week one-on-one coaching course, we will deep dive into knowing your ideal consumer's needs and how you can serve them in a way that sets you apart from your competitors.

My Ideal Consumer & Unique Offering

Like human DNA, every company’s brand has its code or “DNA.” Your brand DNA is the essence of your identity as a business. It defines what makes you unique and distinguishable from your competitors, thereby giving customers a reason to buy from you over your competitors.

we will craft a custom brand strategy that encompasses all DNA aspects, including vision, mission, brand values, guiding principles, offering details,
brand positioning, competitive landscape, and more! 

We will build out a deck that you can present to business partners along the way to share the essence of your brand.

Let''s do this!

In this 2-week one-on-one coaching course, we will craft a custom brand strategy that encompasses all DNA aspects.

Heart & Soul:
My Brand 

Starting a fashion brand is a capital-intensive business, and it's likely more than you think. You must create a realistic business plan and budget from the beginning to adequately fund, build and scale your brand.

We will create a budget that supports your unique needs, draft a thoughtful business plan and give you the confidence to execute both. This will be an essential tool to help you plan financially, guide your decisions, ensure profitability, and keep you on track.

Yes, i need a plan!

In this 2-week one-on-one coaching course, we will create a budget and draft a thoughtful business plan. 

Planning is
Fashion Startup
Budget &
 Business Plan

Are you ready to work from any dream location in the world? Does a drink in one hand, the sand in your toes, and your laptop sound like the ideal office?
Are you looking forward to having a flexible schedule that allows you more time with your family?

One of the benefits of being your own boss is you get to set the rules! All you need is a solid strategy to ensure you can execute your business from anywhere in the world.

This strategy is going to save tons of time and costs, allow you to spend more time with your friends/family, and operate from anywhere in the world!

What? heck yes!

In this 2-week one-on-one coaching course, I will guide you through all the necessary steps, and resources,  to build a business that allows you to operate from anywhere in the world.

Free Spirt: 
Working from

The best way to make a genuine connection with your consumers is to share a heartfelt message that truly resonates with them. When you share what you went through and how someone else can benefit, avoid the pitfalls and be in a better place - the only way to help them is to share your offer.ing. 

Selling is the only way to impact people's lives - and when you shift that mindset that selling and marketing is a service, you change everything moving forward.

You will walk away knowing how to attract your ideal consumers just by sharing your soul-aligned message that speaks straight to their hearts.

Teach me this!

In this 2-week one-on-one coaching course, I will show you a
 life-changing 4-step approach to selling and marketing that
 will leave you feeling proud and excited about sharing.

Selling & Marketing

“Before I met Shannon, I was felt discouraged. I thought I was doing well with my professional branding but I soon realized my DIY methods were underperforming.

My brand was launched using all the standard sales and marketing strategies. There wasn't any relatable information about me and my WHY. My soulful story was nonexistent, which resulted in a lack of connection with my ideal clients

 Working with Shannon has been an amazing experience. She believed in me and my brand's vision, which made me feel confident in my business and the value I have to share. Shannon made me realize that I, too, needed to take my advice about negotiating my worth and the value I have to offer.  Her one-on-one coaching support made a significant impact as I was able to get valuable feedback on areas I was stuck. I found my brand's voice, and now I can use that voice to connect with my target market.

Shannon's courses + 1:1 coaching is perfect for anyone feeling stuck, discouraged, or lost as to which direction they need to take their brand.

“Working with Shannon has been an amazing experience…I feel confident in my business and found my brand voice…”

Rosalineda Griffith

Soulful Selling Course

My promise to you...

I am so confident these courses will transform your business, 
I’m offering an unconditional, 30-day money-back guarantee. 

 Take 30 days to learn, implement and see tangible proof of you successfully and confidently building your brand. 
If you don't see the value you were looking for I will refund 100% of your investment. 

 You don’t have to wait years, or even months, to see and feel your progress forward! My framework gives you MASSIVE steps forward EVERY single week.